domingo, 17 de junho de 2012

When I Was A Teenage Whore

Teenage whores. Well, I don't know if that's what I should call them, because the definitions of whore vary very much. But in my perspective, a 'whore' can be applied to a girl and to a boy. Unfortunately, I know too much species of this kind, and a large amount of them attend my school.
My idea of this post came up when I was this morning checking out the News Feed of my facebook and I saw this girl (from my town, although she doesn't attend my school) who was asking for people to like her photo, if she reached 40 Likes, she would set that picture as profile picture. She's a perfect example of what common girls are nowadays, at least in my current 'habitat': tanned skin, long and damaged hair as if a swamp mermaid, white white lips as if they're in a terminal phase of cancer, always wearing camel, brownish clothes to match their foundation two tones (sometimes three) over their natural skin tone, when posing for a picture, always striking this odd movement/thing with their lips named 'duckface'. They don't look like ducks, that would be an offence to ducks, they're much lovelier. As to social characteristics they can be pretty ignorant, non cultured, shallow little creatures, always ready for a party and for drinking and making out with another dreadful boy, trying their best to look dumbest because apparently being stupid means cute/adorable.
After this brief description of this species, I unfortunately can tell my personal experience, since I have to socialize with creatures like that everyday: usually are hypocrites, their only interest is buying clothes and foundation and white lipstick, they are incredibly jealous people (usually), specially if you're intelligent and they are not (which has happened to me). As to that girl from my facebook, I decided I should have a little fun with her. Many desperate, horny guys were commenting her photo, none said their true opinion about that photo (which would be, 'you're terribly tanned, and your lips are really white, are you sure you're not sick?') and all said she looked really attractive and beautiful, etc, the usual things men say to a woman when they want to have sex with her. So, I decided I should mock her: I commented to, saying something like this: 'omg ur sooo hot omg so jealouzzzzzz'. I can be a terrible person when I want to, but only to people who deserve it.
Other aspect that kills me (and probably it's the one that bothers me worst) is their musical taste. They digest ANYTHING that goes on the radio/tv/MTV, any shit. They don't any sense of criticism and listen to any crap their given. Maybe some of these girls are not as stupid as they appear to be, but the fact that they want to look stupid is worse. The fact that they only care about their appearance and doing the maximum number of guys is just, well, degrading. For themselves and for society, because some people start to think that that's the way they should act, all dumb, shallow, egocentric, vain.
Yet, this is only my opinion on these limited minded creatures, and I know many intelligent people share this opinion, so tell me your version/thoughts about this if you dare.

All the best and please, over tanned girls have a little thought about your shallowness.